About Me, STEMEdLauren

Introducing students to NASA’s history and present involvement in daily life.

My Team

Sara Hunter

Union Elementary STEM teacher

Zionsville Community Schools, Indiana

Dr. Scott Phillips

Lt. Col., USAFR, MC, CFS

Dept. Chief of Bioastronotics

45th Space Wing

Dr. Laurence A. Ulissey Col, USAF, MC, SFS DoD Aerospace Medicine Liaison Officer NASA/JSC Space and Clinical Operations

Tracy Phillips

Executive Director

Zionsville Education Foundation

Girl Scout Leader/Social Media Consultant

Places I've Been

Johnson Space Center, Houston

Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral

PEople I've Met

Dr. Richard Scheuring

Flight Surgeon, Johnson Space Center

Emily A. Perry
Director, Air Force Space and Missile Museum

Thomas Penders, Archaeologist
45th Space Wing Cultural Resources Manager

Chris Hatfield
45th Space Wing Public Affairs
Patrick Air Force Base

Amy Munch

Student Programs Coordinator,

NASA Educator Resource Center


People ask me all the time, "Do you want to work for NASA?" Well, my family has been associated with NASA since before I was born (see the "Space Shuttle" video for details). However, future plans involve Anthropology and Archaeology, which essentially what this project is!

Learning about a subject, doing the research, creating a thesis, and presenting the project to educate others is what I love to do! I hope you gain some insight from this project - I know I have!

My Goal

My Project