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From "Space, Spinoffs and STEM" video -

Everything you've ever wanted to know about NASA Spinoffs:

NASA Spinoff YouTube channel:

Coloring book on Spinoffs from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:

NASA's Educator website (it's amazing!):

From "Mercury and Gemini" video -

For more info on T.S. Eliot go to the website "Exploring 'The Waste Land'":  by Rickard A. Parker

For more info on Mark Twain go to

For more info on WD-40 go to

Just for fun:

To see Alan Shepard's launch go to

NASA information about Alan Shepard

For my interview with Thomas Penders, Aerospace Archaeologists and Cultural Resource Manager at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, go to

To read more about Mr. Penders, read this great article;

For my interview with Emily Perry, Director, Air Force Space and Missile Museum at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, go to

To see the Blockhouse, the "mission control" for the Mercury missions and part of the Air Force Space and Missile Museum, go to

The AF Space and Missile Museum has an amazing website! Check it out here:

From "Apollo" video -

More information on Mylar, or BoPET or (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate):

My photos of the Apollo I launch pad and memorial:

My photos of the Renaming Ceremony of the Neil Armstrong Operations and Check Out Building at Kennedy Space Center.  Pictured are Neil Armstrong's sons, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden:

From Space Shuttle video -

Photos of my grandfather and memorabilia of his work on the early Space Shuttle missions can be seen at

Photos of my visit to Johnson Space Center in Houston are at This includes visits to the current and historical Mission Control Center, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, Building 9 (where the mock up of the entrire ISS is located) and the physical training facility for the astronauts!

Short videos of my tours of Johnson Space Center are: - Historical Mission Control - Interview with Mission Control Biomedical Engineer - Interview with engineer who plans space walks - Thank you to Col. (Dr.) Lars Ulyssey for my tour of JSC!

Space shuttle launch and landing from my Dad's perspective on his mission with the 45th Space Wing: - launch of STS114 (turn up your volume!) - Shuttle landing (you'll never see it closer than this!)

For more videos on Space Suits and tools from those who develop and maintain them and use them to train astronauts in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab: - Space suits used at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab - Up close and personal with Space Suits! - Training with Space Suit gloves is harder than it looks! - Tools astronauts use on the ISS

Great brochure on how NASA Spinoffs benefit the state of North Carolina - including  Polybenzimidazole (PBI) fiber:

My interview with Zionsville Fire Department about heat-resistant suits: